EcoBalance 2022

EcoBalance International School

International School 2022: Refresh, (re)connect, and engage with LCA!

Organizer: Eri Amasawa, The University of Tokyo
When: October 30th, Sunday, 13:30 – 16:30
Where: Fukuoka International Congress Center Room 502 and online

Note: Online participation will be limited only for LCA refresher lecture (not for workshop).

Ecobalance International School has been organizing invited lectures from experts on topics around LCA. This year, we will take you through an LCA refresher lecture to revive or learn the basics of LCA, and then a workshop to connect with others sharing the same challenge you may be facing. During the workshop, we will have moderators who are experts in LCA in each group to navigate the discussion.

Session schedule:

  1. LCA refresher lecture by Professor Guido Sonnemann, Université de Bordeaux – 90 min
  2. Break – 10 min
  3. Workshop: Share and engage around LCA on emerging issues – 60 min ~ 75 min
Mr. Guido Sonnemann

LCA refresher course: Moving from Life Cycle Assessment to Life Cycle Management

Based on an introduction to the concepts of Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy, this Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) refresher course will quickly introduce the fundamentals of Life Cycle Assessment such as the underlying principles, the ISO definition and framework as well the different phases to carry out a LCA study. Afterwards selected topics will be deepened and a few case studies will be shown. The last part of the course will show how life cycle thinking and LCA results can be used in companies to implement life cycle management.

If you’re interested in joining, please register by the link below:

We also welcome drop-ins on the day of.

Looking forward to seeing you there!