EcoBalance 2022

Networking events

We are aiming to prepare a variety of opportunities for participants to communicate with each other across different research fields. We hope such opportunities will provide new ideas to you all, for future research and collaboration.

Date and Time: 31st Oct. (Mon) (after the last session of the day)
Place: Session rooms (up to five)
Some drinks and snacks will be prepared in the rooms.

Call for Networking Events

We would like to welcome ideas (and volunteers) for networking events from conference participants. The style of these events is flexible, with an aim to encourage free and lively discussion between participants in the room (as a whole, or with several groups). These could take the form of group discussions, workshops, hands-on-activities, meetings, etc. Please note that the topics for these events should be more general than the ones of the scientific sessions of the conference.

The following topics are examples from the organizing committee. If you have an idea for a possible event, please let the organizing committee ( know with a short description (within one-page) by August 26, 2022 (JST).

Example topics:

  • Young researchers meeting
  • Teaching LCA
  • Recognition of LCA in industries
  • Digital transformation for LCA
  • Skill transfer to the next generation
  • Expansion of LCA applications
  • Lecture and Q&A on how to write an LCA paper by the editors of an LCA journals
  • Discussion of how the LCA community can contribute to TCFD and TNFD
  • Exchange meeting between LCA-related companies and prospective job applicants